Amcor has been acknowledged for its AmSky and AmPrima sustainable packaging solutions, earning a place on Walmart‘s ‘Circular Connector’ platform.

Circular Connector is a platform initiated by Walmart to facilitate the identification of sustainable packaging solutions for products placed on Walmart shelves.

It simplifies the process for sourcing teams and brands to find packaging options that align with sustainability goals, contributing to the development of a circular packaging economy.

Amcor’s AmSky and AmPrima packaging solutions have received approval from Walmart’s sustainability leadership team in partnership with the US Plastics Pact.

These solutions are now accessible to all Walmart suppliers and the general public through the Circular Connector.

A breakthrough in healthcare packaging

AmSky introduces a recycle-ready blister pack for pharmaceuticals, revolutionising traditional drug packaging. Notably, AmSky is free of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and aluminium, offering a more responsible alternative for healthcare packaging.

Its carbon footprint is up to 70% lower than PVC/Alu solutions and it is designed for recycling in both rigid and flexible recycling streams.

Versatile and eco-friendly packaging

AmPrima offers a range of recycle-ready packaging solutions suitable for various packaging formats, including bags, packs and pouches, for solid and liquid products.

It provides brands with options that match the performance of traditional unrecyclable packaging in terms of barrier properties, material stiffness, seal strength and graphics performance.

When recycled, AmPrima contributes to a 60% reduction in non-renewable energy use, a 46% reduction in carbon footprint and an 18% reduction in water consumption. It can be recycled through existing store drop-offs or curbside, where available.

Both AmSky and AmPrima were developed with a focus on circular economy principles, considering core design requirements and end-of-life packaging considerations.

Supporting sustainable suppliers

Walmart’s suppliers, particularly those in food, consumables, health and wellness categories, can rely on the Circular Connector to identify packaging products meeting rigorous sustainability and innovation standards. Amcor’s customers can also find commercially available packaging options with Walmart’s support.

Amcor Director of global product management Roawin Luo highlighted the value of AmSky and AmPrima being included in the Circular Connector.

Luo stated: “Our readily available solutions assist brands in adopting sustainability practices while fostering a community of stakeholders along the circular value chain journey.”

Walmart’s private brands director for sustainable initiatives Cheryl Lam expressed her excitement about Amcor’s participation in the Circular Connector and the potential availability of AmSky and AmPrima products at local Walmart stores in the future.

These innovative solutions represent the latest additions to the platform, with Amcor’s commitment to ongoing innovation and sustainability.