European PET recycler APPE, the packaging division of LSB, has announced the launch of a new barrier technology for the juice industry.

The ActivSeal system, which is reportedly cost-effective for small bottles, combines protection against oxygen ingress and vitamin C loss with improved clarity compared to traditional barrier materials, the company claims.

The technology has been developed in collaboration with ColorMatrix and KTW/Husky, and is based on the HyGuard technology developed by ColorMatrix.

According to APPE, the technology works through the combination of the bottle and closure. A minute amount of the ActivSeal catalyst is present in the container wall, while a hydrogen activator is built into the closure.

ActivSeal containers are 100% recyclable do not use traditional nylon-based barriers and offer the similar clarity as non-barrier PET bottles.

Empty bottles can be stored for longer periods with no loss of barrier effectiveness as the oxygen scavenging process does not start until after filling and capping.

The company is currently developing the technology for the wine market with a scheduled launch in 2012.