Japanese fashion brand Aquagirl Cosmetics has adopted DuPont Surlyn 3D overmoulding technology for its ‘Brightup Foundation’ perfume packaging.

The foundation is enclosed within a translucent polypropylene container, which is produced using the Surlyn technology by Japan-based Yoshida Industries.

The technology involves the overmoulding of a single or multilayer polymer inner container with Surlyn resins, a glass-like transparent.

The container’s straight walls are magnified for an impression of depth by the curved, thick-walled and transparent outerlayer. The ‘Aquagirl’ brand name is encapsulated below the outerlayer.

DuPont designs and produces opposing shapes and colours for the inner and outer containers of perfume, personal care and make-up packaging.

The material combinations possible with the technology offer improved barrier properties and chemical resistance according to the cosmetics ingredients and application.