Ardagh Group and beverage manufacturer fritz-kola have collaborated to produce a new 100% recyclable, long-neck flint bottle for the latter’s cola brand.

The 200ml glass bottle for the cola brand, which has been created for the hospitality industry, is also returnable and reusable.

It has been designed to reflect the values of the brand and is capable of maintaining the product’s quality and taste.

The new bottle is designed to be returned and refilled up to 20 times prior to recycling it.

fritz-kola founder and CEO Mirco Wolf Wiegert said: “In times of climate and resource protection, reusable glass is a priority for the people behind fritz-kola.

“Our new bottle will be more beautiful with every use in the next few years. Friction rings and scratches will tell the stories of every bottle that avoids disposal by being reused.”

Ardagh worked with the design agency to add unique design features to the bottle.

As part of the design, the message ‘den wachen gehört die welt’, which means ‘The world belongs to the awake’ was embossed in reverse on the bottom of the bottle.

Once the drink is completed, the wording is then mirrored and revealed through the top of the empty bottle.

fritz-kola works with regional suppliers and bottlers to keep its environmental footprint as small as possible. The company is constantly developing ideas to reuse its bottles after drinking and encourages consumers to return them for refills.

Earlier this month, Ardagh Group, Glass – North America agreed to manufacture premium spirits bottles for US distilled spirits supplier Heaven Hill Brands.