Luxembourg-based packaging company Ardagh Group is set to launch a two-stage thermochromic solution equipped with temperature-sensitive inks for aluminium cans.

Known as Reveal Impact, the new solution comes with two different thermochromic inks, both of which exhibit the same colour when cooled down.

However, one of the colours disappears quicker than the other when the temperature of the can is increased.

The feature can be used by the beverage industry to support targeted marketing activities as it will reveal a hidden message to the consumer once the can is heated.

Ardagh Group product manager Nikola Kerkhoff said: “Reveal Impact is a further development of Ardagh Group’s thermochromic inks, allowing beverage brands to communicate with customers via an out-of-the-box solution.

“The inks not only indicate the beverage’s temperature and thus the ideal drinking moment, but also facilitate the interaction with consumers.

“For example, Reveal Impact allows tailored messages to be delivered, such as promotional slogans. When the inks change colour in the consumer’s hand, both the drinking experience and the communication blend into one unique consumer moment.”

The introduction of Reveal Impact also strengthens the company’s portfolio of can finishings.

“We are continuously expanding our range of beverage can finishings to enhance our customers’ design opportunities.”

Ardagh Group product application manager John Reed said: “We are continuously expanding our range of beverage can finishings to enhance our customers’ design opportunities.

“In this respect, Reveal Impact comes as a logical addition to our portfolio, as it ensures compelling packaging at the POS thanks to latest ink developments that fully command consumers’ attention.”

Ardagh Group operates 109 glass and metal manufacturing facilities located across 22 countries.

With employee strength of around 23,500 people, the company was reported to have global sales of approximately €7.7bn.

Image: Ardagh’s Reveal Impact uses two different thermochromic inks for aluminium cans. Photo: courtesy of Ardagh Group.