Ardagh Glass Packaging-North America (AGP-North America), a part of the Ardagh Group, has recently renewed its supply agreement with Oliver Winery, one of Indiana’s oldest and largest wineries.

This agreement solidifies their ongoing partnership and ensures that the majority of Oliver Winery’s wine bottles will continue to be manufactured by AGP-North America.

This renewed supply agreement strengthens the connection between Oliver Winery, known as the 28th largest winery in the US and AGP-North America, a prominent supplier of glass bottles for the US wine market.

The geographical proximity plays a significant role in this collaboration, as AGP-North America’s headquarters is situated in Fishers, Indiana, a mere 65 miles away from Oliver Winery in Bloomington, Indiana.

Quality and sustainability

Oliver Winery, a leader in the wine industry, is renowned for its high-quality, real fruit wines. Quality wine deserves quality glass bottles and AGP-North America delivers by manufacturing bottles that uphold Oliver Winery’s brand image with a modern and premium design.

Sustainability is also a key focus for both companies. Oliver Winery’s CEO, Julie Adams, shared their commitment to sustainability by mentioning a shift to lighter glass and screwcaps in 2024.

This move is aimed at reducing their carbon footprint while maintaining wine quality and affordability, aligning with their dedication to environmental sustainability.

AGP-North America and Oliver Winery are collaborating on various sustainable initiatives, including “rightweighting” their glass bottles.

This practice ensures that the environmental advantages of glass, as a recyclable and inert material, are retained while also enhancing customer appeal and minimising the overall environmental impact.

Ardagh’s longstanding commitment

Ardagh has a rich history of over 125 years of producing innovative glass bottles in the United States.

The company offer a diverse range of premium wine bottles in different colours, sizes, styles, and finishes, all manufactured in facilities strategically located in key wine-producing regions in North America.

AGP-NA vice-president for wine Liz Curtin emphasised the collaborative partnership between Ardagh Glass Packaging and Oliver Winery, highlighting their shared commitment to providing high-quality glass bottles to the winery, enabling the delivery of top-notch wines to consumers across the US.