UK-based liquids handling solutions provider Arlington Packaging has announced the launch of its new Eco-Flex stand-up pouch range.

The twin gusset 1,000ml-10,000ml stand-up pouches have been manufactured using tough substrates that, when filled, provide good stability and are easily stackable.

The Eco-Flex contains 65% less material, which represents a significant reduction in packaging waste and delivers a good product / packaging ratio, with the lowest total lifecycle cost.

Eco-Flex can either be pre-printed onto substrates or over-labelled, allowing for shorter production runs. The closures are welded into a slightly raised portion of the top seam.

The pouch has a single, top-mounted handle, which can be repositioned to the bottom for inversion of the pouch or supplied both top and bottom for easy handling of larger sizes.

The product is available with a wide range of closures making it suitable for many liquid food products, including emulsions and syrups, and provides a precise, glug-free pour, reducing waste through spillage.