International Dispensing Corporation (Idc) has formed the Alliance for Aseptic Foodservice (AAF) to support aseptic packaging production across the foodservice industry.

The AAF comprises aseptic bag-in-box (BIB) filling machine company Alfa Laval, aseptic bag manufacturers Aran Packaging and Goglio, and aseptic bags dispensing unit maker Boxxle.

The alliance of these firms is intended to facilitate the development of a complete industrial solution for large-format aseptic packaging. It also offers a common sales and marketing platform for the new solution.

IDC’s portfolio includes The Answer, an aseptic dispensing tap that is designed to safely dispense ultra-high-temperature (UHT) liquid food products.

“Instead of only selling our products separately, we are channelling our efforts into a common purpose.”

As part of the initiative, the collaborators will work towards an aseptic packaging solution that is economical, environmentally friendly and has a variety of applications in foodservice.

IDC’s chairman Greg Abbott said: “Instead of only selling our products separately, we are channelling our efforts into a common purpose that will make us all stronger and build a robust category.

“This collective turn-key initiative should simplify customer decision-making and provide aseptic brand owners all over the world a streamlined means of expanding their brands into new areas of distribution.”

IDC reports that the foodservice industry utilises less than 10% of the $60bn aseptic packaging market due to the size and structural limitations associated with cartons and bottles.

An aseptic package between 60ml and 2lt requires refrigeration and quick consumption. In addition, such small packages are not considered suitable for institutional foodservice in terms of efficiency, cost and waste management.

The AAF aims to address these challenges and will integrate aseptic technologies to devise a large, end-to-end solution, which will allow ambient packing, shipping, storage and dispensing.