Florida, US-based producer of sugar and sweeteners ASR Group has recently launched a new recyclable and refillable baking tub for its Domino and C&H Sugar brands.

The new packaging, called the Easy Baking Tub, is designed to reduce waste and offer consumers a more sustainable option for their baking needs. It is a new packaging format for sugar that offers more convenience for bakers and benefits related to sustainability.

The reinvented packaging uses 28% less plastic than the previous round canister design, reducing transportation emissions by 65%. It also includes instructions on how to recycle.

The Easy Baking Tub features a detachable scoop and a wide opening for easy access to the sugar. It is made from durable and reusable plastic, which is fully recyclable after use. The new packaging will be available in both granulated and powdered sugar varieties.

Promoting the reuse of the Easy Baking Tubs by customers

According to ASR Group, the launch of the Easy Baking Tub is part of the company’s commitment to sustainability and reducing its environmental impact. The company has set ambitious goals to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and waste production by 2030.

ASR Group marketing vice-president Miguel Gomez said: “We’re thrilled to introduce the Easy Baking Tub for our Domino and C&H Sugar brands.

“This new packaging option is a significant step forward in our sustainability efforts, and we believe our customers will appreciate the convenience and environmental benefits of the Easy Baking Tub.”

The Easy Baking Tub will be available at major retailers and online stores in the US starting in April 2023.

ASR Group is encouraging customers to reuse the tubs and recycle them at the end of their lifecycles to help reduce waste and protect the environment.