Beverage packaging supplier AstraPouch has launched the 64oz Beer Growler, its latest flexible packaging solution for beer.

Designed specifically for takeaway and ‘on-the-go’ carbonated beverage products, the Beer Growler features a smaller headspace to preserve carbonation and quality.

It also comes in a dark amber colour to protect against ultraviolet A and B light.

The packaging can be used by craft breweries, ‘brewpubs’, restaurants and other vendors.

AstraPouch founder and president Dave Moynihan said: “The Beer Growler is perfect for short-term storage for those looking to enjoy a fresh draught or craft beer outside of the brewery or restaurant.

“It’s a great way to allow customers to enjoy the food and drinks from their favourite locales from the comfort of their homes.”

The Beer Growler features a growler-standard 33mm mouth designed to make filling easier and a marked 64oz fill line.

The solution also uses AstraPouch’s patented, pressure-regulated screw cap.

Mr Moynihan said: “The cap holds the pressure inside the pouch, retaining the effervescence of the beverage.

“But if the internal pressure gets too high, the cap will crack open to relieve it.”

Currently sold for $0.99, AstraPouch’s Beer Growler aims to combine the convenience, durability and sustainability of all the company’s products.

The recyclable and reusable packaging reduces carbon emissions by 85% compared to glass packaging solutions.

AstraPouch operations and fulfilment coordinator Michael Mrozak said: “[Beer Growlers] store flat, so a case of empty pouches is equivalent to an entire pallet of glass growlers, but obviously taking up considerably less space.”

Last November, AstraPouch launched the 64oz Beer To-Go Pouch, a flexible packaging solution for takeaway and ‘on-the-go’ purchases of beer, soda and other carbonated beverages.