Atlantic Packaging has launched a recyclable can carrier system to eliminate single-use plastic from beverage packaging.

Dubbed Fishbone, the newly launched beverage carrier will replace plastic ring handles.

The curbside recyclable product is biodegradable and performance tested, the company claims.

The paper-based can carriers is made with less material compared to full overwrap paperboard cartons.

Additionally, the carrier has a compostable water-based barrier coating for moisture resistance.

Atlantic Packaging president Wes Carter said: “As an industry, we have to acknowledge that single-use, consumer destined plastic packaging creates environmental pollution that isn’t sustainable for our planet. For these reasons, polyethylene plastic beverage rings have been problematic packaging since their introduction decades ago.

“Atlantic and Fishbone have collaborated to bring the first ever 100% curbside recyclable paperboard beverage carrier to the marketplace. This sustainable Fishbone solution addresses all environmental concerns, and also is highly marketable for our customers. We are proud to introduce this transformative technology to packaging.”

Fishbone beverage carriers are available in both 4-pack and 6-pack formats for standard cans and Alumi-Tek bottles.

The Fishbone system features semi-automatic and fully automatic equipment designed for application to a 6-pack of 12 oz cans and to a 4-pack of either 12 oz or 16 oz cans.

Fishbone Packaging exclusive licensee Atlantic Packaging and Fishbone carrier design developer Fishbone Packaging have collaborated to introduce the system into the market.