Export cargo packing materials provider AtMet KOREA has launched new dunnage airbags designed to protect container cargos.

The new AtMet dunnage airbags come in four different series, AtMet One, AtMet Three, AtMet Four, and AtMet Flat.

AtMet dunnage airbags are suitable for fastening and protecting cargos in trucks, trains and ships. They can be used for space separation and various cargo heights.

Air can be infused three times faster and at any angle. Made from polypropylene and kraft papers, the outer bag is water-resistant and durable. Made of polyamide, the inner bag is thin and highly flexible.

AtMet KOREA manager said: “Since their launch in overseas markets in 2011, our airbags are squarely competing with global companies in international markets.

“We are committed to satisfying customers who have extended confidence and full support to us by delivering the highest quality and services in the future.”

Established in 1995, AtMet KOREA specialises in providing cargo safety-related products and solutions, including container airbags.

In a separate development, AtMet KOREA unveiled its ‘BulkStrap’ to safely transport cargoes by air, ships and trucks.

The BulkStrap’s polyester fibre is coated with a polymer and has up to 2,600kg of tensile strength per one cord.

Available in five different widths, the product can withstand extreme cold and heat or humid environment, according to AtMet KOREA.