US company Assemblies Unlimited (AUI) is set to expand its packaging and assembly operations into new markets across the country.

Under the expansion, the company is planning to add new staff and services in Los Angeles and New York.

AUI expects that this expansion will strengthen the company’s multi-site presence in the regions, leveraging its primary and secondary packaging business, and existing contract packaging facilities.

Assemblies Unlimited CEO Randy Shaw said: “Demand is up for contract packaging services in many industries, particularly those we already serve.

“Expanding operations in the eastern and western US not only helps us support the large start-up population in those regions, but it also strengthens our ability to serve established CPGs looking for turnkey local retail packaging management.”

In addition, the company is planning to invest in its Southern California sales support team, expand its presence in the state’s Inland Empire including parts of San Bernardino and Riverside counties in order to serve regional clients.

Assemblies Unlimited will also expand its local contract packaging support in the East covering the New York/New Jersey/Pennsylvania tristate region.

Shaw added: “The north-east is rich with outsourced packaging opportunities, so we want to position ourselves to meet the rising demand for turnkey services.

“At a time when private equity and other consolidation experts are focused on mergers and acquisitions, AUI’s wide footprint, flexible capacity, and start-to-finish solutions are heavily sought after by large and small CPGs alike.”

Following the expansion, the company will continue to bring a fast response, quick turnaround, and seamless supply chain management to value partners.

Established in 1993, Assemblies Unlimited offers rigid and flexible food and non-food packaging solutions along with contract packaging, contract filling, and fulfilment services across North America and Mexico.