US-based Automated Packaging Systems has developed a new protective packaging material for void-fill packing applications.

According to the company, the fully recyclable XD Blend Bio is thinner and stronger than similar materials.

It also said that the material contains a proprietary additive that causes biodegradation of the poly in nine months to five years, and contains up to 20% pre-consumer recycled material.

The material has been designed for the use with the AirPouch Express 3 void-fill packaging system, which uses on-demand inflation to create air pillows that resist puncturing for reliable product protection during shipping.

The pillow material comes pre-formed and fan-folded in a box, and each box contains nearly a mile of uninflated pillows, significantly reducing changeover times, shipping costs and storage space requirements.

XD Blend Bio is part of the EarthAware family of films.