Global display graphics and packaging materials producer Avery Dennison has expanded its portfolio with the launch of recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) liners with four labelling constructions available across Europe.

The rPET liners include three CleanFlake materials suitable for a thin rPET23 liner and a ClearCut PP50 Top Clear-S7000-rPET23 construction.

Avery Dennison LPM Europe marketing vice-president Georg Müller-Hof noted that they have used post-consumer waste (PCW) to manufacture these new label liners.

Müller-Hof added: “Avery Dennison is focused on real-world sustainability improvements, which ultimately means ‘closing the loop’ and using post-consumer waste to create new products.

“These four new labelling materials not only use a liner with more than 30% recycled PET bottle content, but they are also part of our CleanFlake and ClearCut portfolios, which offer important additional sustainability gains in their own right.”

The company’s rPET23 liner is made partially from PCW PET bottle flakes content.

According to the company, the adhesive used for the CleanFlake materials can be separated cleanly from PET bottles and avoid the contamination of PET flakes during recycling.

“We look forward to introducing rPET liner in an expanded range of products.”

The ClearCut PP50 TOP CLEAR-S7000-rPET23 construction is designed to provide high-speed conversion and dispensing using the thin rPET23 liner.

In October, the company introduced a new rPET liner across several self-adhesive constructions, as part of efforts to provide sustainable solutions for the labelling industry.

Müller-Hof  added: “We look forward to introducing rPET liner in an expanded range of products, as well as offering products that contain recycled content and/or enable recycling of end-use packaging.”

Last month, the company featured its new label materials and adhesives suitable for a wide range of products used for pharma supply chain security at the Pharmapack Europe 2019 in Paris.