US-based industrial packaging supplies firm B2B Industrial Packaging has agreed to merge with packaging equipment and supplies provider Central Packaging.

The deal marks the seventh deal for B2B Industrial Packaging over the past ten years, including the acquisition of Alpine Packaging, Western Metals and Pac Fast, Lesker, Anasco, and Rapid-Pac.

B2B Industrial plans to retain Central Packaging’s management along with its sales and support team.

The transaction will increase the team of the combined entity to 45 employees and expand B2B Industrial product portfolio. Both companies are currently working together to ensure a smooth transition for Central Packaging’s employees and clients.

Central Packaging founder Mike Pasley said: “Even though Central Packaging was growing revenue and profits quite well, we are increasingly competing against bigger companies across the market.

"Central Packaging will become part of fast-growing B2B Industrial Packaging."

“Moving forward, Central Packaging will become part of fast-growing B2B Industrial Packaging, which helps us scale the competitiveness of our service with access to new markets and additional talent.”

Following the transaction, Central Packaging will also retain its warehouse in Lenexa, Kansas.

Headquarters are in Addison, Illinois, B2B currently serves more than 6,000 clients across the US and Mexico by offering a range of packaging equipment and supplies such as steel strapping, stretch film, and fasteners.

The company operates three strapping and fastener tool repair, and other facilities in Fort Worth and Houston, Texas; Oakland and Los Angeles, California; Portland and Eugene, Oregon; Seattle, Washington and Kansas City, Kansas.