UK-based Baltimore Innovations has introduced the food-safe absorbent technology Fresh-R-Pax ‘Fruit-Pop’ pouch for the packing of ripe and sweet fruit.

According to the company, the tamper-evident packs are easy to open and offer extended shelf-life compared to alternatives on the market.

The Fruit Pop pouches targetted at markets such as kids’ snacks, school lunches and convenience stores, the company said.

The pouch is part of the Fresh-R-Pax range of absorbent products, which have been designed to extend the life of freshly cut fruit or vegetables by absorbing the excess fluid.

The absorbent complies with all current EC legislation for direct food contact products; in addition, the company claims that the product helps improve the texture, taste, as well as the colour of freshly cut fruit and vegetables.

The technology used is a mix of food ingredients, blended to form an absorbent material that is built into pads, pouches, trays, containers and cups. Baltimore said the technology helps to nullify the growth of bacteria and mould, while absorbing 70 times its own weight in fluid.

Baltimore Innovations supplies a wide range of moisture control solutions, barrier foil laminates and preformed foil bags, VCI papers as well as blister packaging. It also manufacturers adsorbent products such as Fresh-R-Pax and Ice Wrap packaging, which help sustain perishable foods for longer.