Packaging industry leaders Berry Global Group and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Company (MGC) have collaborated to create a recyclable barrier solution for various packaging applications.

This solution, utilising MXD6, a barrier resin developed by MGC, aims to enhance the protection and prolong the shelf life of food products without relying on ethylene vinyl alcohol (EVOH).

Key features of the MXD6 barrier solution

MXD6 offers several advantages over traditional materials such as EVOH. It is recyclable, can be loaded up to 12%, and serves as an alternative during material shortages.

Moreover, MXD6 addresses the performance and compatibility limitations associated with EVOH such as limited recyclability and reprocessing challenges, including degradation and contamination.

Critical Guidance recognition from APR

The Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR) has granted Critical Guidance recognition to this new technology.

This recognition signifies that MXD6 is compatible with the polypropylene recycling stream.

Berry Global’s validation testing has demonstrated that MXD6 integrates more smoothly with existing reprocessing systems compared to EVOH, ensuring cleaner reprocessing without degradation or contamination issues.

Additionally, MXD6’s recyclability of up to 12% enables its usage in larger proportions while still allowing brands to make recyclability claims.

Collaborative efforts for sustainable solutions

MGC collaborated with Berry Global as a development partner to advance sustainable solutions for barrier packaging.

While MGC provided the material, Berry Global utilised its global capabilities, sustainability leadership, and innovation expertise to develop the barrier solution.

The development of this recyclable barrier solution represents a significant step forward in the packaging industry’s efforts to reduce waste and improve sustainability without compromising product protection or performance.