US-based Berry Global Group has agreed to supply sustainable packaging for Mondelēz International’s cream cheese brand Philadelphia.

The partnership between the two companies will see the use of packaging comprising recycled plastic material.

According to Berry, an advanced recycling technology has been used to recover the plastic material for the packaging.

The technology is the result of its partnership with global chemical company SABIC. Last year, these two companies announced a collaboration to manufacture and use polyolefin resins made from chemical recycling.

Berry Consumer Packaging International Division president Jean-Marc Galvez said: “We are pleased to partner with Mondelēz International in providing packaging made from this advanced recycling technology.

“By recovering and diverting plastic that would have otherwise been sent to landfill or incineration, we are working towards our common goal of promoting a circular economy.”

Some of Berry’s initiatives to boost sustainability are mechanical and chemical recycling investment, drive innovation and recycled material usage in products.

It has also pledged to tackle plastic waste pollution.

The list of initiatives will contribute to Berry’s commitment to make all of its FMCG packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025.

Galvez added: “This is an exciting project which demonstrates our ability to supply a leading worldwide brand with a solution to not only aid in their sustainability commitments, but which also aligns with Berry’s.”

Last July, Berry Global Group bought global plastic packaging supplier RPC Group, securing the equity interest in the company and its debts for around $6.5bn.