The beauty industry faces a unique challenge: balancing the need for attractive packaging with the growing demand for sustainable solutions.

Consumers increasingly prioritise eco-friendly options while regulations such as the EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR) push for stricter environmental standards.

Striking a balance between these seemingly conflicting goals requires innovative solutions and collaborative efforts.

Berry Global recognises the importance of collaboration in achieving sustainable beauty packaging.

Its ‘Sustainability in Beauty Days’ events bring together industry stakeholders, including competitors, to discuss challenges and explore solutions.

This open environment fosters transparent communication and leverages collective expertise to help drive circularity within the beauty sector.

Berry Global’s UK-based Leamington Spa facility marks a significant step towards a circular economy in the beauty industry.

This facility utilises CleanStream technology to produce domestically recovered, contact-sensitive recycled plastic, suitable for use in beauty and personal care applications.

This innovative technology helps close the loop for plastic usage, reducing reliance on virgin materials.

A holistic approach to sustainability

While recyclability and recycled content are crucial aspects, Berry Global emphasises a broader perspective on sustainable packaging. It advocates for:

Lightweighting: Reducing material usage to minimise environmental impact.

Refill and reuse: Designing packs for multiple uses, extending their lifespan.

Life cycle analysis: Measuring the environmental impact of packaging throughout its life cycle, from production to disposal.

Multifaceted solutions for diverse needs

Berry Global acknowledges the need for diverse solutions catering to individual brand requirements. It offers:

Recycled plastic options: Aligning with sustainability preferences for natural cosmetics.

Refillable solutions: Maintaining brand image and customer loyalty for premium cosmetics.

Eco-friendly decorations: Minimising environmental impact while maintaining aesthetic appeal.

Looking ahead

Berry’s ‘Sustainability in Beauty Days’ initiative exemplifies the power of collaboration in driving sustainable practices.

By fostering ongoing dialogue and innovation within the beauty industry, this collaborative approach, where all stakeholders contribute their expertise, is key to achieving circularity at scale and creating a more sustainable future for the beauty sector.

Unifying force: The EU’s Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation

The impending PPWR regulations act as a unifying force, prompting the industry to address critical areas:

Minimising packaging: Ensuring packs are not oversized for their contents.

Restricting formats and materials: Phasing out certain materials and formats deemed unsustainable.

Encouraging reuse and refill systems: Promoting alternatives to single-use packaging.

Increasing recyclability: Designing packs for effective recycling.

Boosting recycled content: Increasing the use of recycled materials in packaging.