Berry Global and Acciona Energía have joined forces to energise all four of Berry’s Mexican facilities with wind and solar power. 

Berry’s four facilities in Mexico are located in San Luis Potosi, Atlacomulco, Tlalnepantla and Estado de Mexico.

This strategic move is set to procure nearly 100,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of cost-effective, renewable energy annually over a five-year period.

Lower carbon footprint

This innovative power purchase agreement is expected to circumvent approximately 40,000 metric tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (CO₂e) each year, akin to removing more than 15,000 cars from the roads annually. 

By embracing Latin America’s efficient renewable energy supply, Berry is not only enhancing its climate goals but also assisting its customers in achieving their sustainability targets through lower-carbon packaging solutions.

Beyond the environmental benefits, Berry said the partnership is the most economical choice for the company, reducing operational impacts and mitigating supply-chain emissions for their customers.

‘More Reducing’

As Berry commits to achieving net-zero emissions by 2050, this partnership exemplifies a dedication to cleaner energy sources, such as wind and solar, ensuring a sustainable and climate-friendly future.

On its website, Berry says it aims to help more reducing through “cutting greenhouse gas emissions across our entire company. Optimising product and packaging design, reducing operational energy use and collaborating with suppliers with similar sustainability priorities helps lessen our carbon footprint.”

Berry global director of global strategic sourcing – indirect spend Soraya Gonzalez said: “More Reducing contributes to ending harmful cycles, like global warming, with positive, proactive solutions. While our company is doing an incredible job of taking positive, circular, sustainable steps wherever we can, we must also continue to help shift away from fossil fuels.”

Berry is involved in multiple partnerships from agreements for circular resins and enhanced recycling infrastructure to joining with industry allies for change. These include the ‘Alliance to End Plastic Waste’, the New Plastics Economy Global Commitment and Operation Clean Sweep.