The announcement in response to the president’s EO will promote America’s innovation ecosystem, boost the nation’s economy, and restore its local supply chains.

The EO urged federal departments and agencies to evaluate how biotechnology and biomanufacturing R&D could advance five societal goals, specifically climate change solutions, food and agricultural innovation, supply chain resilience, human health, and crosscutting advances.

Biomanufacturing is the use of biological systems to generate goods and services on a large scale. This practice has the potential to spur the development of new eco-friendly products in a variety of fields, including plastics, fuels, and pharmaceuticals.

These breakthroughs may result in fresh approaches to problems relating to the aforementioned societal goals.

The Plastics Industry Association (Plastics) invest in technologies that improve capabilities and advances in recycling and sustainability. It is the only organisation that supports the entire plastics supply chain, including equipment suppliers, material suppliers, processors and recyclers, representing more than one million workers in the $468bn US industry.

In response to the Biden Administration’s declaration, Plastics’ sustainability vice-president Patrick Krieger said: “We are pleased with the Biden Administration’s recognition of the critical need for plastics and prioritising research to make them even better.

“Our industry has always been committed to taking sustainable materials and making them better and we look forward to working with the administration to develop innovative plastics whether by developing new bio-based feedstocks or improvements in more recyclable plastics.”