Canadian commercial bakery Bimbo Canada has introduced cardboard bread bag clips for all its bread products as part of its efforts to use less single-use plastic.

Made from fully recycled cardboard, the clips will replace plastic tags on the company’s products, which include Dempster’s, Villaggio , POM, Bon Matin, Ben’s and Stonemill.

The cardboard bread tags can be collected at the kerbside or dropped off locally, as well as being compostable in municipal systems across Canada.

They were launched after being exposed to different environments, including room, refrigerator and freezer temperatures, in several tests.

The tags take 84 days to fully biodegrade.

Bimbo Canada president Joe McCarthy said: “It’s important we lead change and be responsible stewards of the environment, and the communities that we live and work in, by delivering results.

“This announcement helps us fulfil our commitment to Nourish A Better World through sustainable business practices and helps us to inspire others to do the same. All changes, big or small, make an impact.”

Bimbo Canada partnered with Canadian company KLR Systems to develop and roll out the bread bag clips.

The company secured the Food Innovation Award for the cardboard bread tags from the Quebec Food Processing Council last year.

Bimbo Canada will start implementing the changes immediately and expects to fully roll out the tags by June 2021.

The move will allow the company to reduce its use of single-use plastic by around 200tpa.

It is also in line with Bimbo Canada’s goal to make all its packaging recyclable, biodegradable or compostable by 2025.

KLR Systems general manager Audrey Gagnon said: “We developed this product knowing some small plastics, like bread tags, cannot always be recycled.

“Our goal for this innovation was to leverage local renewable resources that benefit the environment while also creating a product that consumers were familiar with using.”