Italian bioplastic firm Bio-on has created a new company, Zeropack, which will focus on food packaging in the fruit and vegetable sector using bioplastics.

As part of a strategic agreement with Bio-on, Rivoira has acquired 50% of Zeropack through its partners RK Zero, Carlo Lingua, and Paolo Carissimo.

Zeropack will manufacture films, crates, small and large containers, fruit supports, and natural labels from bioplastic. It will use 100% natural and biodegradable materials made from fruit and vegetable wastes.

Zeropack has acquired the exclusive license for the direct and indirect exploitation of technology from Bio-on for €10m.

The technology has been developed by Bio-on researchers over the last four years at the company’s Italian and US laboratories in a move to reduce plastic waste.

“The basis of our bioplastic has all the qualities to revolutionise the world of food packaging.”

Bio-on president and CEO Marco Astorri said: “The investment announced today represents to us the entrance of a large company and we are particularly proud that a prestigious group like Rivoira, through Marco Rivoira and Gualtiero Rivoira, recognise the innovation and the potentiality of the new technologies developed by Bio-on in the field of food packaging.

“The basis of our bioplastic has all the qualities to revolutionise the world of food packaging through the new company. This is what people are asking for and we will do it together with Zeropack and the Rivoira group.”

Bio-on conducts applied research and development of modern bio-fermentation technologies to produce eco-sustainable and naturally biodegradable materials.