British bioplastics and radio frequency business Biome has secured funding from government agency Innovate UK to enhance bioplastic food packaging.

The £244,000 ($282,536) of funding will support a collaborative development project with South Korean firm ANPOLY.

A spin-out from the Pohang University of Science and Technology (POSTech), ANPOLY produces bespoke cellulose nano-fibres using advanced technology.

The project has a total investment of £794,000 and aims to improve the shelf-life performance of Biome’s bioplastic food packaging.

The project is scheduled to begin next month and expected to last two years.

Biome Technologies chief executive Paul Mines said: “This latest development project is an important enabling step in understanding the functionality of a combination of Biome’s most exciting products with cutting edge additive and technologies coming through from ANPOLY.

“We believe these could represent an important addition to the business’s product range in due course and will bring benefits to manufacturers, consumers and the environment.”

The project is part of Biome’s plan to introduce highly functional, added-value products to address growing demand for materials with longer shelf-life, as these could reduce food waste.

It will combine Biome’s knowledge of bioplastic products and the packaging market with ANOPOLY’s novel additives.

Biome said that the use of cellulose nanofibres can deliver similar performance to fossil-based additives while offering sustainability benefits.

The partners are expected to commercialise products derived from this project following its completion.

Based in Southampton, Biome Bioplastics aims to produce bioplastics that could replace oil-based polymers.

The company is a wholly owned subsidiary of Biome Technologies, a technology group listed on the London Stock Exchange.

In July last year, UK-based plastic recycling organisation Recoup received funding from Innovate UK for a plastic recycling communications research project in Kent.

The project aimed to explore the link between communications and plastic recycling, as well as deliver and measure the overall impact of recycling communications campaigns.