Biopax, a rapidly growing sustainable packaging and labels company based in West Belfast, is gearing up for the introduction of a cutting-edge rotary flexographic paper wrap printing and packing machine.

The investment, set to be operational in November 2023, is expected to significantly impact Biopax’s offerings for on-the-go deli and quick-serve restaurant solutions in the UK and Ireland markets.

The demand for paper-wrapped food products in the UK and Ireland has traditionally relied on imports from Asia and Europe. However, Biopax’s latest multi-million-pound investment is set to bolster the domestic paper wraps supply by more than 500 million units annually.

This strategic move aims to reduce the dependence on imported products and aligns with Biopax’s commitment to sustainable and environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Tamper-evident paper bags and PE-free solutions

Driven by a consistent annual growth rate exceeding 25% in on-the-go, pharmaceutical and quick-service restaurant products, Biopax is responding to market demands.

The company is expanding its product range to include tamper-evident paper bags, addressing the rising need for secure packaging in the on-the-go food industry and pharmaceutical sector.

Additionally, Biopax’s packaging development team is exploring a PE-free solution for the paper cup industry. This initiative seeks to enhance circularity in the fast-growing category of single-use cups, addressing consumer concerns about the limited recycling infrastructure for PE-lined coffee and beverage cups.

Advancements in recyclability and compostability

Biopax’s new production line will incorporate advanced auto-camera colour management and registration detection systems to ensure consistent quality and meet customer expectations.

The company’s paper wraps will align with sustainability goals, offering recyclability, re-pulpability and compostability. Plant-based grease barrier coatings will maintain exceptional barrier performance against hot foods, salads and sauces.

Biopax’s latest investment follows a £20m deal with printer manufacturer HEIDELBERG, reinforcing the company’s position in the sustainable packaging industry.

The company also revealed plans for a significant expansion of the Springvale Business Park site in West Belfast, doubling its size in the coming year to accommodate the changing needs of customers.

Biopax says it remains steadfast in its resolve to invest in supporting both existing and future customer requirements.