A new packaging factory in west Belfast is set to create 169 jobs over the next four years.

The factory is established by Biopax, a company that specialises in manufacturing biodegradable packaging and labels for the food industry.

The venture is led by Terry Cross, who previously sold his Deltaprint packaging business in 2016. This new initiative aims to develop environmentally friendly packaging solutions.

Investment and location

The factory is located at the Springvale business park, occupying a site formerly used by the Caterpillar company. The establishment of Biopax represents a substantial investment of £47m ($59.7m), with InvestNI providing grant support of £4.69m ($5.96m).

InvestNI interim chief executive Mel Chittock expressed his excitement about the project, stating it would revitalise the former Caterpillar site with a state-of-the-art factory and machinery.

Benefits and market access

Chittock also highlighted the business’s advantageous position to benefit from the dual market access to the UK and the EU, made possible under the Windsor Framework.

This strategic advantage could facilitate Biopax’s growth and expansion. The company primarily focuses on producing polyethene-free cartons, labels and wraps, aligning with the growing demand for sustainable packaging solutions.

Expert team leading the way

Biopax boasts a team of experts who have dedicated a significant portion of their careers to working in fibre-based packaging. Biopax sales and marketing director Liam O’Connor emphasised the company’s commitment to quality and expertise in this field. With the combined knowledge and experience of its leadership, Biopax is poised to positively impact the packaging industry.