Flexible packaging and label printing company Tungate Group has expanded its narrow web production capabilities by investing in a BOBST MASTER M5 flexographic press.  

This move is claimed to deliver substantial savings in ink and energy consumption for the company.  

The 630mm-wide MASTER M5 flexo press, with UV LED lamps for curing, will address customer needs while fostering innovation, cost-effectiveness, and eco-friendly practices.  

The press’ high automation level and suitability for label and flexible packaging production make it a strategic asset in the present digital landscape. 

The MASTER M5 press can be equipped with oneECG technology, which facilitates digital colour matching using a seven-colour gamut. 

This minimises the need for expensive and wasteful specific spot inks and ensures consistent colour reproduction. 

In addition, MASTER M5 reduces operating costs and improves machine uptime when integrated with the DigiFlexo auto-registration and PrintTutor intelligent camera system. 

Tungate managing director Kevin Paszek said: “As a high-performing packaging and label supplier, we see a lot of challenges in the industry. For example, substrate availability and lead times, particularly on recyclable material, as well as rising business energy costs.  

“In responding to these challenges, we saw the benefit of introducing new technology to narrow web machines. Once we had identified this as a business need, we tested many machines on multiple substrates.  

“The MASTER M5 press stood out immediately as an ideal solution. What’s more, it also means greater agility – we can support own-label brands that the wide web community can’t due to the prevalence of small run lengths.” 

In April this year, Al-Shamrani, a Saudi Arabian producer of polyethylene-based flexible packaging, invested in a new BOBST VISION CI flexo press