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Bosch Packaging Technology in Germany will introduce its first single-wrap die-fold package with hermetic seals for chocolate manufacturers.

The company claims the new material allows for maximum product safety with only film, which has been been developed by Sapal, a Bosch Packaging Technology company.

Produced by the Starpac 600 HL machine, which offers an output of up to 600 pieces a minute, and is able to wrap small to medium-sized chocolates using a folding box to create all folds at once for symmetrical side and longitudinal seals to maintain the appearance of die-fold packages.

According to Bosch, the feature maintains good seal integrity and minimises material consumption while ensuring esthetically pleasing packages.The addition of heat-sealed and airtight hermetic seals to die-fold packages has been designed to maintain product freshness for increased shelf-life and protects the product against insects and moisture.

It also preserves original aromas and flavours, as well as denying the influence of of external scents from nearby products on store shelves.Due to the machine’s automatic application of tear-tape to the packaging material, consumers will receive a tamper-proof yet easy-open package.

In April last year, Bosch, working with Amcor, developed a recloseable pack style for chocolate manufacturers called Bright Side, which enables them to add a lap seal anywhere on a package and is particularly suited for chocolate tablets, bars and wafers in a variety of pack sizes.


Caption: The addition of heat-sealed and airtight hermetic seals to die-fold packages maintains product freshness for increased shelf-life, as well as protecting the product from insects and moisture. Image courtesy of Bosch Packaging Technology