Brazilian beverage company Ambev SA has revealed plans to eliminate its plastic packaging by 2025.

Ambev, the largest brewer in Latin America, aims to use recyclable packaging or 100% recycled material for all of its beverages.

As part of the move, the company has collaborated with its stakeholders, suppliers, recycling cooperatives, startups and universities.

One of the company’s executive said that the move could make approximately $239.09m for the business.

Ambev sustainability and supply chain vice-president Rodrigo Figueiredo said: “Today, 40% of our beers already use returnable packaging, but as we made progress, our dream got bigger and we decided to end plastic pollution in our packaging.”

The Brazilian company has already invested a huge amount in a number of eco-friendly initiatives between 2014 and 2018.

Most recently, the company signed a deal with a private equity group Casaforte Investimentos to build a wind farm. The renewable energy will be used to power its operations in the country.

Ambev also plans to deploy electric trucks by 2023.

The goal will complement the company’s owner Anheuser Busch InBev’s efforts to encourage sustainability and eliminate plastic.

In October 2019, Ambev announced the introduction of its first canned water.

In September 2018, AB InBev unveiled a new packaging design for Stella Artois to reflect the beer brand’s heritage.