Labelling Plant

Austrian papers manufacturer Brigl & Bergmeister will modernise its existing Metso quality control system located at its Niklasdorf mill to extend the lifecycle of the whole label paper production line.

Scheduled for commissioning in April, the modernised system will enable the company to further enhance the quality of the labels it produces for drinks firms.

Metso will replace its five IQ scanners with IQ MD and CD controls on PM 3 and the coater. Scope of the modernisation work also includes the installation of a Metso IQ dilution profiler for the PM 3 headbox.

The Metso IQ scanner was developed as a distortion-free platform for Metso IQ sensors, features high mechanical stiffness and provides better sheet quality profiles from edge-to-edge, ensuring trouble-free operation year after year.

The scanner has been designed to produce accurate sheet-quality measurements in the hot, humid and dusty environment of a paper machine. The upgraded quality control system will be installed on a single Metso DNA automation platform to save both costs and effort.

Brigl & Bergmeister managing director Michael Sablatnig said that the company’s papers are used to make labels and packaging for various brands.

"A label is much more than an information carrier; it can enhance a product’s lasting success," Sablatnig added.

Image: Brigl & Bergmeister to implement latest Metso quality control system at its Niklasdorf mill in Austria. Photo: courtesy of Metso.