Assembly Member Jacqui Irwin has proposed Assembly Bill 1207 in the California State Assembly to prevent cannabis product packaging from appealing to children.

California and the rest of the US are experiencing an explosion of children being rushed to emergency departments due to accidental ingestion or overconsumption of psychoactive cannabis products that often mimic some of their favourite brands of candy, soda or snacks.

The proposed law comes in response to the increased number of paediatric exposures to cannabis since the passage of Proposition 64.

Irwin emphasised that these exposures are often a result of attractive features on the packaging that specifically target children.

According to Irwin’s official explanation of the bill, unintentional consumption of cannabis by children has led to the need for poison control treatment.

Elementary and middle school peers can also be exposed to cannabis when children accidentally consume it.

Protecting children and mitigating unintentional cannabis exposure

The bill intends to prohibit the use of features on cannabis packaging that could be appealing to children, thereby reducing the risk of accidental consumption.

Irwin’s proposal recognises the significant increase in paediatric exposures to cannabis since the implementation of Proposition 64.

By curbing the use of child-friendly packaging elements such as vibrant colours, cartoon characters or other attractive designs, the bill seeks to protect children from unintentional cannabis exposure and the subsequent need for the poison control treatment.

If passed, Assembly Bill 1207 could contribute to ensuring the safety and well-being of children in California, reducing the potential harm caused by accidental cannabis ingestion and minimising the risk of exposure to their peers.