Canadian beverage packaging company Canada West Winery Supplies has partnered with OneCircle, a manufacturer of sustainable pet kegs, to add the KeyKeg and UniKeg products to its portfolio.

Marketing the KeyKeg and UniKeg will allow Canada West Winery Supplies to take advantage of the increasing demand for lightweight kegs in the winery market.

Both products are made using circular-use materials and reduce carbon dioxide emissions during production and shipping.

Canada West Winery Supplies will sell the sustainable KeyKeg product to wineries, breweries and cideries among others.

The company is based in the Okanagan Valley and supplies sustainable packaging solutions and accessories to the beverage industry across Western and Eastern Canada.

Canada West Winery Supplies owners Garth Schafer and Mark Hartmann said: “We are pleased to be adding the KeyKeg and UniKeg to our portfolio of packaging products.

“Dealing with a family business reflects our own levels of personal service. We found our interactions felt personalised, with OneCircle, even though the OneCircle family is a large-scale global business.

“It is part of our own long-term strategy to reduce, reuse and recycle across all aspects of the business, so this step made sense.

“Our clients have the same goals and seem to be moving away from damaging processes and products within their operations.

“With the shared personal beliefs of delivering the best quality possible and sustainability for a better world, we believe that this partnership is an exciting step towards the future of beverage packaging.”

OneCircle USA account manager Marc Kibbey said: “Canada West Winery Supplies has a long history in the Western Canada wine and beverage industry and is a hard-working company founded by two friends that prides itself on customer service.

“They are excited about the future of the wine and beverage business in general and feel the KeyKeg and UniKeg brands can help their customers grow their brands.”