Global food, agriculture and industrial products company Cargill has installed a cooking oil bottling line at its Ohio-based crush and refinery facility in the US.

Installed at a cost of more than $10m, the line is equipped with an efficient bottling technology and offers a 75% capacity increase in comparison with previous lines.

It also reduces packaging material waste and uses completely recyclable polyethylene terephthalate (PET) plastic.

“We’re taking deliberate steps to operate in a more efficient, sustainable way.”

Cargill’s global cooking oils business North American commercial leader Ethan Theis said: “This investment is about raising the standard and doing what’s right for our customers.

“By leveraging this unique technology, we’re taking deliberate steps to operate in a more efficient, sustainable way.”

The bottling line features smart technology that helps assess packaging elements and fill heights. This allows the line to reduce material loss and support increased efficiency.

The new bottling solution will also play a key role in improving cooking oil bottling and sustainability. The company’s global cooking oils business aims to install two more lines later this year to further leverage the technology.

Cargill combines its refining expertise with packaging technology to support growth and cater to changing customer needs. It has 155,000 employees across 70 countries.

Last month, the company invested €16.6m in Izegem’s vegetable oil refinery in Belgium to advance food safety and infant nutrition. The Izegem plant also contains a bottling capability and a centre of expertise for packaging within Cargill.