CDF Corporation has announced the launch of a new Form-Fit intermediate bulk container (IBC) liner manufacturing line.

This production line will be strategically housed within the state-of-the-art facility of J Natzan Kunststoffverarbeitung GmbH & Co KG in Lienen, Germany.

Natzan, known for its precision in plastic packaging and custom heat-sealing solutions, will collaborate with CDF in this venture. The partnership underscores both companies’ commitment to delivering flexible packaging innovations.

CDF and Natzan have a six-year history of working together and this partnership reflects their shared dedication to tailoring packaging solutions to meet industry needs.

The initiative is set to become fully operational by the end of 2023, marking CDF’s second European expansion since integrating Quadpak AB into its alliance in 2013.

Specialised production in Lienen

The Lienen facility will specialise in producing multi-ply Form-Fit and pillow-style liners designed for the Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC) industry.

These liners cater primarily to manufacturers of liquid to highly viscous products, offering environmentally responsible and cost-effective bulk packaging solutions ranging from 220 to 1500 litres.

Key benefits of the new production line

The introduction of this new production line will deliver several benefits to CDF and its customers:

  1. Proven sustainable products: CDF remains committed to providing environmentally responsible packaging solutions that promote sustainability throughout the supply chain.
  2. Reduced lead times: Expanding production facilities will streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency, reducing lead times for customers.
  3. Enhanced global customer service: CDF’s commitment to superior service extends globally, ensuring customers receive first-class support and access to sustainable packaging solutions.

Joseph Sullivan, speaking on behalf of CDF Corporation, emphasised their dedication to environmentally conscious packaging:

“Our unwavering commitment to the ‘reduce, reuse and recycle’ principles serves as the bedrock of our dedication to mindful packaging. The forthcoming Lienen, Germany facility aims to effortlessly assist companies in meeting the packaging movement’s sustainable revolution by embracing the 3Rs.”

CDF’s European expansion aligns with current market trends, reflecting the growing importance of environmentally conscious packaging. Recent data from a 2023 study revealed that 71% of young consumers actively choose products based on their packaging sustainability.

Joseph Sullivan expressed excitement about the future, saying: “With the introduction of the new Form-Fit line, we eagerly anticipate expanding our range of products to uphold our commitment to environmental stewardship.”