Celebration Packaging has announced the certification of its white bagasse takeaway clamshells, dinnerware and chip trays as TÜV Home Compostable and PFAS-free. 

These environmentally-conscious alternatives mark a significant shift away from PFAS commonly found in fast food packaging and cookware. 

In a statement, Celebration Packaging managing director Nick Burton said: “To ensure that the bagasse fibre clamshells, chip trays and dinnerware are free from these forever chemicals, we arranged for SGS, an internationally renowned testing, inspection and certification company, to test them. The SGS test report shows that no PFAS and similar chemicals such as PFCA’s / PFOS’s / PFOA’s/PFHxS’s were detected.”

The PFAS challenge

PFAS pose potential risks to human health and the environment due to their non-degradable nature.

The PFAS issue has gained increasing attention, prompting action in the form of state bans in the US and consultations by the European Chemicals Agency.

Celebration Packaging took proactive measures by initiating the transition to PFAS-free packaging in early 2022. 

Microwave-safe and TÜV Home Compostable certified, these products offer foodservice operators a seamless transition to a greener alternative without compromising functionality. 

A call to action

Burton encourages foodservice operators to scrutinise their packaging choices, emphasising the importance of PFAS-free options.

As a trusted advisor in sustainable packaging, Celebration Packaging said it stands ready to assist businesses in navigating the evolving landscape of environmental regulations, advocating for a shift away from single-use plastics and a reduction in carbon footprint. 

Celebration Packaging’s achievement represents a significant stride toward a more sustainable future, aligning with the growing global consciousness around the environmental impact of everyday products.