UK-based Cepac has partnered with ShinDigger Brewing to develop sustainable packaging for the brewery’s full product range.

As part of the deal, Cepac has revamped the packaging of the brewery’s 12 packs of 440ml cans through a shelf-ready, sustainable option.

These products will be available across stores this year. The packaging firm also developed an option for 330ml cans.

ShinDigger co-founder George Grant said: “Prior to working with Cepac, we were using tray and shrink packaging as well as taped boxes imported from China.

“The change to this new style of packaging fits well with our brand and appeals to ShinDigger customers, providing a high-quality but sustainable packaging product for our beers.”

ShinDigger has also used the corrugated pack to replace its tray and shrinkwrap combination in an effort to reduce its impact on the environment.

Using Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified liners, construction of the performance board structure combines a click and close design and two top flaps.

The boxes are suitable for packaging lines with or without drying equipment and can protect the packed product with its moisture control ventilation features.

“The boxes are suitable for packaging lines with or without drying equipment.”

According to the company, the new packaging is recyclable and can reduce the overall energy levels used in the packing process as it does not require shrink tunnel heat.

Last month, the corrugated packaging producer promoted Nigel Hobson to the role of sales and commercial manager as part of its efforts to increase the capacity of its facility in Rawcliffe, UK.