British heat seal pre-cut lid manufacturer Chadwicks of Bury has developed a new transparent pre-cut lid with a focus on enhancing the product appeal.

The new lid can be used to seal various packaging solutions such as polypropylene (PP), Polystyrene (PS), as well as PET pots and containers.

Chadwicks sales and marketing director Alastair Bearman said: “A transparent lid offers the consumer a clear visual of the item they are about to purchase. It suggests freshness so is suited to food products such as dips and desserts.

“Brands that want to show what is unique about a product, or have something that is visually appealing, for example confectionary or snacks, can also benefit from the ultra-clear lid.

“The lids can either be unprinted or partially printed, offering brands a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution.

“The lids can either be unprinted or partially printed, offering brands a versatile and cost-effective packaging solution.”

“There are no additional process changes required when sealing the lids to the pots or containers.”

Chadwicks is part of the Clondalkin Flexible Packaging Bury group. It is claimed to have the largest number of cutting presses and cutting tools in Europe and offers heat seal pre-cut lids. The Clondalkin group also operates five other companies across Europe.

In October, Chadwicks of Bury has partnered with frozen cocktail brand LIC to develop a new set of lids for gin and vodka infused ice cocktails.

The lid manufacturer has developed a range of designs for 46mm aluminium foil lids used for LIC’s alcoholic frozen cocktail range, featuring Grey Goose Vodka and Bombay Sapphire Gin.

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