South Korea-based CJ CheilJedang division CJ Biomaterials, US company Beyond Plastic, and Techlong International have partnered to develop a fully biodegradable plastic bottle cap.  

The cap is made using CJ Biomaterials’ advanced polyhydroxyalkanoate (PHA) biopolymers, which are derived from nature and produced sustainably. 

PHA biopolymers are known for enhancing traditional plastics’ functional characteristics while offering a range of environmental benefits.  

They can act as modifiers to other polymers or biopolymers, expediting biodegradation and enhancing the biobased content and functional properties of resins and finished products.  

In addition to being biodegradable, the new bottle cap is recyclable and compostable.  

It offers an alternative to traditional, petroleum-based plastic caps. 

Beyond Plastic CTO Fred Pinczuk said: “Utilising CJ Biomaterials’ PHA biopolymers, we’ve developed an authentically eco-conscious alternative to conventional plastic bottle caps. This marks a significant leap forward in sustainability, but it’s just the beginning.  

“Our aim is to offer tailored PHA formulations for diverse applications, such as straws, caps, and various single-use plastics currently threatening our environment.” 

Since the start of production of its PHACT-branded PHA biopolymers in 2022, CJ Biomaterials has engaged in multiple partnerships to develop solutions using its technology.  

The PHA-based plastic cap is the latest in a series of applications, including a PHA-based polybag and a microwaveable paper coating for cup noodle packaging used by South Korea’s convenience store chain, CU. 

CJ Biomaterials CCO Max Senechal said: “These PHA-based bottle caps not only address the pressing environmental concerns associated with traditional plastic caps, but also demonstrate the versatility and effectiveness of our PHA technology in delivering sustainable alternatives.” 

In August last year, CJ Biomaterials developed new packaging using its PHA technology for Riman Korea’s IncellDerm products line.