Plastics performance solutions provider Clariant Masterbatches has created a new chrome colour intended for use in premium packaging.

The new colour masterbatches, developed by Clariant ColorWorks’ design and technology centres, follows growing demand for a metallic effect.

Designed primarily for polyethylene terephthalate (PET) containers, the colour slightly translucent colour allows the contents of the bottle to be visible.

The colour effect can be applied on slightly off-colour resins, including post-consumer recycled (PCR) PET.

ColorWorks senior designer Judith van Vliet said: “You see it a lot in glass and that kind of transparency is also very trendy. Clariant’s new chrome masterbatch develops a look that is the closest I’ve seen to a true metallised effect. It does a very good job of bringing those bright qualities to plastics for use in bottles containing prestige products.”

Clariant’s liquid-look chrome masterbatch forms part of ColorWorks’ NewAesthetix initiative.

Under laser radiation, the chrome effect reacts differently than other colours by leaving the natural transparent polymer on the surface.

The effect comes from the pigment particle-size distribution and its integration with the masterbatch.

It has a higher reflectivity than more conventional silver or chrome colours.

West Chicago ColorWorks centre manager Stephanie Dycha said: “You can create very subtle, elegant markings.

“You get a three-dimensional look, even on very thin sections like those that are typical of injection-stretch blow moulded PET.”