US-based recyclable food tray manufacturer Clearly Clean Products has said it is acquiring an 80,000ft2 thermoforming plant in Frackville, Pennsylvania.

The Frackville plant will expand the company’s North American footprint by bringing its total number of locations to seven.

Clearly Clean Products is planning to produce 100% recyclable, smooth-edged roll over-wrap trays and vacuum-sealed packaging (VSP) trays, as well as recyclable modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) trays.

According to the firm, its recyclable food trays are suitable for meat, poultry, seafood, produce, and deli, and can be customised in terms of size, shape, and colour.

The company expects to create approximately 25 jobs at this facility, as well as increase the staff to more than 125 in the region when it further expands its line operations.

Clearly Clean Products managing partner Millard Wallace said: “We are excited that companies are realising the benefits of Clearly Clean’s patented smooth-edged, recyclable trays, which are three times the strength of polystyrene, are environmentally friendly, and help mitigate leakers.

“This strong demand allows us to bring additional economic opportunities to Schuylkill County.”

“We are also excited that this strong demand allows us to bring additional economic opportunities to Schuylkill County. Clearly Clean is rapidly expanding and has been hiring for practically every position, from lawyers to engineers and production line workers.”

Clearly Clean produces recyclable food trays for various customers, including grocery stores, food processors, and packaging distributors.

The company’s products include smooth-edged overwrap trays, recyclable MAP trays,  and multi-peelable layer packaging solutions for food and retail. The product line also includes recyclable paint trays and barrier rollstocks.