Recyclable food tray packaging company Clearly Clean has introduced two new 100% recyclable, overwrap food trays intended for use with meatballs and patties.

The meatball tray features 12 pockets while the patty tray has two cells that are customisable in terms of size, thickness, shape, and colour.

Both trays are made from polyethylene terephthalate and feature Clearly Clean’s patented rolled smooth-edge design to prevent the overwrap film from tearing.

This attribute makes the trays three times stronger than polystyrene while also reducing shrink.

Clearly Clean said that its new product can also endure high-speed processors without compromising structural strength. It can also be reworked to fix any film or styling issues.

In addition, the trays are capable of immediately replacing all plastic and foam trays on high-speed packaging machinery without having to change equipment.

The trays are available in multiple colours, including crystal clear, which enables product visibility from all angles and improves shelf appeal.

Clearly Clean’s engineering manager Michael Hoppes said: “We are excited to add two more trays to our already robust line, which now totals 21 trays. We already have several clients looking to purchase the new trays, so they will be on grocery store shelves soon!”