In an innovative move to simplify the recycling process, Coca-Cola is set to trial labelless Sprite bottles in select stores across the UK.

The trial, running from January to March 2024, aims to gauge consumers’ reactions to this eco-friendly packaging initiative.

Removing labels to aid recycling

The trial involves stripping labels from on-the-go 500ml Sprite bottles, thereby eliminating the need to separate them during recycling.

The bottles will feature an embossed logo and laser-engraved product information while maintaining the iconic Sprite taste.

Although the traffic light labels won’t be visible, all necessary information will be accessible via a QR code.

Trial locations and assessments

Eight Tesco Express stores across Brighton and Hove, Bristol, London, and Manchester will host the trial.

Half of these stores will stock the labelless product with accompanying signage while the others will have no additional marketing.

This diverse setup aims to directly assess consumer preferences and reactions.

Environmental commitment

Coca-Cola’s decision to trial labelless bottles aligns with its commitment to sustainable packaging.

While reducing packaging materials, the trial bottles maintain the brand’s quality and taste.

With previous trials conducted globally, the UK trial marks a significant step in Coca-Cola’s ongoing efforts to innovate and reduce its environmental impact in the country.

The trial’s success will determine potential future implementations, with Coca-Cola eager to gather feedback from both consumers and retailers.

As the company aims for a ‘World Without Waste’ by 2030, such initiatives play a crucial role in achieving sustainability goals.