Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca-Cola Great Britain have come up with 11 recommendations that they believe will help create a ‘well-designed’ deposit return scheme for the UK.

The move comes one year after the entities unveiled a sustainability packaging initiative.

Government authorities and other stakeholders are currently engaged in discussions on the possible implementation of the deposit return scheme in the UK.

Some of the principles proposed by Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca-Cola Great Britain include good financial management and fraud control, a common approach covering the whole of Great Britain, and delegating management of the scheme to a not-for-profit company.

Another recommendation stated that companies should work in partnership with the government to achieve agreed targets as well as decide on the necessary infrastructure such as number and type of collection points.

“Initiatives like this are much needed if we are to change consumer behaviour and recover and recycle more.”

It suggests that the scheme costs should be covered by the sale of collected materials, deposits that are not redeemed by the public, as well as fees on producers and retailers.

In order to ensure that all parties engage in the same scheme, the deposit return scheme should be supported by legislation according to the 11 principles from Coca-Cola European Partners and Coca-Cola Great Britain.

Coca-Cola European PartnersSustainability head Nick Brown was quoted by media sources as saying: “As a business, we want to keep challenging ourselves to ensure we are part of the solution on packaging, whether it is setting ourselves ambitious targets or joining key government working groups.

“Initiatives like our investment in bottle recycling in Great Britain and our commitment to keep increasing recycled material in our packs are key to ensuring more packaging is collected and reprocessed.’

Meanwhile, the Coca-Cola system pledged to double the amount of recycled plastic in all of its bottles in Great Britain, from 25% to 50% recycled plastic packaging by 2020.

WRAP chief executive Marcus Gover said: “To have a brand as well-known and with the reach of Coca-Cola actively encouraging more people to recycle is a really positive step which we welcome.

“A commitment that half of all the plastic bottles they use will be recycled plastic, understanding that this will cost the business more, shows real leadership in the industry and provides the essential market for recovered materials.

“Initiatives like this are much needed if we are to change consumer behaviour and recover and recycle more – WRAP and Recycle Now are excited to be working with them on this. We need more big brands to help inspire people to do their part.”