Sustainable food packaging manufacturer Colpac has pledged to achieve net-zero status across its operations by 2045.

The company aims to achieve net zero for its scope 1 and scope 2 emissions by 2035 and 2030 respectively and overall net zero by 2045.

UK-based commercial energy and sustainability advisor Inspired will work with Colpac in developing its net-zero strategy.

The commitment comes after Colpac ESG manager Talia Goldman and Inspired Carbon Services head Emma Hird discussed at the Sustainability LIVE London event the practical approaches for small and medium-sized enterprises to achieve their sustainability goals.

Goldman said: “Developing a net-zero programme is an integral part of our commitment to the environment and to responsible business. This work supports our customers in meeting their own net-zero targets and demonstrates our dedication to reducing our impact.”

Colpac has already begun implementing factory efficiencies and launching projects to reduce its energy consumption.

The company has also introduced other sustainability-focused initiatives, including shifting its multifood pots manufacturing processes to its UK factory, from overseas.

In September this year, Colpac announced that it had become the first company to receive the reviewed and updated Environmental Seal of Excellence from the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF).

It received the Health and Safety Seal of Excellence Award from the BPIF in December last year.

Last month, Colpac said that it was offering convenient access to detailed sustainability credentials for its packaging in several countries.