Spain-based Comexi has installed a new Comexi F2 MB press at Zimbabwean food packaging company Natpak’s facilities that will enhance packaging productivity.

The deal is expected to strengthen Comexi’s presence in the African continent.

Since it was formed in 1954, Comexi maintained a substantial presence in the northern part of the African continent.

Comexi CEO Jeroen van der Meer said: “Comexi, as innovative and leading provider of engineering solutions for the global flexible packaging market has achieved a significant growth over the last three years, mainly due to the success of flexo, gravure and offset printing technologies and the market growth in North America, Middle East, Africa and Asia.”

In the recent years, the company focused on the sales of different flexographic presses such as Comexi F2 MB and Comexi F2 MC, gravure presses, laminators such as Comexi SL2 and S2 DS and S2 DT slitters in the continent.

Comexi Africa area manager Miquel Gironès said: “Since 2015, we are strengthening our position in the African market, which has a tremendous potential. Our vision is to become Africa’s preferred supplier.”

"Africa is one of the fastest growing flexible packaging business regions with consistent demand."

The company also noted that Africa is one of the fastest growing flexible packaging business regions with consistent demand.

Natpak enterprise is based in the Zimbabwean capital Harare and produces a variety of products for the food sector, as well as other flexible packaging industries.

Founded in September 1981, Natpak started operating as a woven polypropylene manufacturer and then expanded to include other packaging materials such as LDPE.

In 2014, the company installed Comexi FW flexographic press in its facility.

Image: Comexi supplies F2 MB press to Natpak Enterprise. Photo: courtesy of Comexi.