Big-Bag packaging system

Finland-based packaging automation solutions provider Erkomat has developed a new fully automatic big-bag-filling system in collaboration with Thrace Polybulk.

The technology allows the filling of fine mineral powder in four-loop big-bags with gross scale weighing equipment.

The new technology has been developed to provide high output and low manning, shorter investment payback time as well as health / environment and safety advantages.

According to Erkomat, the system is also helpful in centralising filling operations with integrated system suppliers for easier start-up. The new filling system features a metal clamp closing method known as ERKOCLOSE-SNC (swan neck closing), where the inlet is stretched, crimped, turned and closed from the outside. The method has been designed for the fully automatic lines for four-loop big-bags.

In the process, once the empty big-bags are delivered on reel, they are unrolled to a feeding table where a bag liner is opened with vacuum pads and mechanical gripper. With good flowing products like granulated fertiliser, the automatic filling system will reach a capacity of over 200 big-bags an hour.

Image: Erkomat’s new technology allows filling of fine mineral powder in four-loop big-bags. Photo: courtesy of PRNewswire.