Mauser Packaging Solutions is investing €10m ($11m) for the expansion of its Erkelenz production site in Germany.

The facility in Erkelenz specialises in the manufacturing of composite intermediate bulk containers (IBC) and components for the company’s worldwide IBC production activities.

Mauser also focuses on industrial packaging reconditioning and plastic recycling activities in Erkelenz.

The Erkelenz facility manufactures Recolene, a sustainable high-density polyethene (HDPE) post-consumer resin material. Mauser processes the material into new packaging with up to 90% post-consumer recycled material.

The recent investments will facilitate the company’s plan to enhance its vertical integration capability and extend its pioneering activities in the lifecycle management of packaging and packaging materials.

The upgrades to the Erkelenz plant are expected to meet the Mauser’s commitment to a resource-friendly and responsible production.

Based in Oak Brook, Illinois, US, Mauser Packaging Solutions specialises in manufacturing, collection, reconditioning and recycling. The company delivers solutions across a full packaging life cycle for global customers.

Mauser supplies large and small metal, plastic, fibre and hybrid packaging to food, beverage, personal care, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, petrochemicals, agrochemicals and paint markets.

In October 2019, Mauser launched its next-generation plastic egg tray.

Built to last up to ten years in standard operation, the egg trays are made of durable polyethene plastic and are 100% recyclable.