The Considerate Constructors Scheme (CCS) has launched the “Spotlight on… plastic and packaging” campaign to tackle the issue of plastic pollution in construction.

CCS surveyed around 900 construction industry professionals and found that 98% believe the over-consumption of plastics and packaging is a global issue and 81% believe that the construction industry is not doing enough to reduce its consumption of plastics and packaging.

It was also found that 51% said they have “little understanding” on plastic and packaging rules and regulations while 31% said they frequently use plastics and packaging that cannot be reused or recycled.

The “Spotlight on… plastics and packaging” campaign also aims to provide guidance and practical advice, via resources and examples, on how to address pollution within the construction industry.

CCS chief executive Edward Hardy said: “As construction is the second-largest consumer of plastic in the UK, our industry has one of the greatest responsibilities to society, and to the environment, to ensure that we are working tirelessly to improve our standards in minimising waste from plastics.

“The Scheme’s ‘Spotlight on… plastics and packaging’ campaign provides resources, practical support and guidance, helping everyone to take effective measures to tackle this issue. While considerable progress has been made – with over 76% of Scheme-registered construction sites setting targets to reuse, recycle and reduce waste – it is clear that a concerted effort to raise further awareness, and to provide the necessary support, is needed to achieve this drastic reduction in waste from plastics and packaging.”

CCS claims that many contractors, suppliers and organisations within the construction industry including Aztec, Crossrail, Knight Build, Multiplex and Wates are already leading the way on reducing their plastic and packaging consumption.