In a recent survey conducted by metal packaging leader Eviosys, 87% of respondents across the UK, France, Germany, and Spain expressed concerns about the gifting season contributing to wasteful behaviour.

This marks the second consecutive year of Eviosys commissioning a Europe-wide survey, shedding light on consumers’ evolving sentiments towards packaging.

Eviosys’ survey not only highlights current consumer sentiments but also emphasises a significant shift towards sustainable packaging solutions, urging businesses to align with evolving preferences and contribute to an eco-friendlier future.

Prioritising sustainability amid economic uncertainty

As economic uncertainties loom, 48% of participants revealed a heightened consideration for packaging materials when making purchasing decisions. 

The survey of 2,000 emphasised the growing significance consumers attribute to packaging, particularly its environmental impact.

Plastic predicament

A notable frustration with plastic in supermarkets was voiced by 59% of respondents, leading to 57% expressing willingness to pay more for products packaged sustainably.

This sentiment extends to a preference for metal over plastic, with 63% viewing metal as a more sustainable option.

Metal packaging gains momentum

The survey underscores the rising appeal of metal packaging, with 82% stating they would be more likely to purchase a product in metal packaging due to its recyclability. 

As 66% feel companies aren’t doing enough to combat plastic pollution, 61% see the adoption of metal packaging as a crucial step towards sustainability.

In the gifting realm, 94% of respondents already reuse their metal gift tins, demonstrating a commitment to sustainability beyond the initial exchange. 

Popular reuse options include storing decorations (51%), food (47%), jewellery (38%), and incorporating tins into DIY projects (26%).

Cost, convenience, and conscious choices

Against a backdrop of financial concerns, 78% acknowledge that cost influences their gift purchases. 

The study revealed a shift in consumer behaviour, with 48% expressing a preference for reusable or refillable products, even surpassing considerations of luxury or design.

Laetitia Durafour, marketing director at Eviosys, emphasised the brand’s commitment to steering sustainable, recyclable metal packaging solutions.

“We’re not merely witnessing a shift in consumer preferences; we’re actively shaping a future where responsible choices define our packaging landscape, reflecting the growing commitment toward a more eco-conscious society.”